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BAMEWA started as a Facebook page in October 2017. If you satisfy our joining requirements please join here.

Our membership group on Facebook has proved to be a much-needed space for BAME academics to discuss issues relating to Higher Education, intersectionality and structures of power within the sector.

In December 2020, BAMEWA was established as a not for profit organisation, registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee. 

Alongside our newly established organisation, our website aims to publicise the several facets of BAMEWA, including our members, their expertise and blog posts, our social media pages, including the BAMEWA Facebook group,  our crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns and opportunities to partner with us and/or sponsor us. 

Our blog space aims to provide room for our members to share and publicise their work, which will be shared on our social media pages. Blog topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Contesting the use of the terms such as, BAME, BME, BIPOC, Minority Ethnic in Higher Education and beyond 

  • Researching ‘race’ and processes of racialisation within Higher Education

  • The politics of diversity and difference in Higher Education

  • Intersectionality and academia

  • Personal reflections of working in Higher Education as a BAME woman academic 

  • Reflections on the experience and attainment of BAME students

  • Advancing ‘race’ equality in academia

  • Methods, techniques and experiences in decolonising the curriculum in academia

If you wish to pitch an idea for a blog post and are a member of BAMEWA, please email:

Artist in Workshop
Young Academic Girl
Students in Library
About: About Us
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